Manual The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr

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Chronicle of an important chapter in US history

Gormley has served as president of the Allegheny County Bar Association, the first academic to hold that position in the organization's year history. From , Gormley served as mayor of Forest Hills, Pennsylvania. In this sweepingly ambitious volume, the nation's foremost experts on the American presidency and the U.

Constitution join together to tell the intertwined stories of how each American president has confronted and shaped the Constitution. This book delves into key moments in American history, from Washington's early battles with Congress to the advent of the national security presidency under George W.

'The Death of American Virtue,' by Ken Gormley

Bush and Barack Obama, to reveal the dramatic historical forces that drove these presidents to action. Historians and legal experts, including Richard Ellis, Gary Hart, Stanley Kutler and Kenneth Starr, bring the Constitution to life, and show how the awesome powers of the American presidency have been shapes by the men who were granted them. Gormley was interviewed by Greg Craig, former White House counsel who served as special counsel for President Clinton, leading the legal team that defended him against impeachment. People in this video Gregory B.

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Kenneth G. More information about After Words with Ken Gormley. Request Download. She was pilloried by the media as if she alone was responsible for what happened. For me, this book has three features -- the careful weaving of several stories while never impairing the reader's interest, the U.

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The historian's most difficult task may be the keeping of a great many balls in the air at once. A common irritation about reading history, especially political history, is always having to retrace your steps several chapters to find out just who we're talking about now, then realizing that you're still not sure who the devil is who. Author Ken Gormley masters this problem skillfully. Here, I should disclose that Gormely is an old friend, though we've never met face to face.

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He was my guide and a first-class one on American politics when I was in radio. Ken had more expert reasons than I did -- I just didn't believe that because Clinton had been caught at salacious conduct that was grist for magazines at the supermarket pay station, voters would penalize his party.

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In fact, amazingly, throughout this entire mess Clinton maintained terrific polling numbers! On the other hand, Ken Starr did not. Which brings me back to feature on of Gormley's book: The U.

I've long been in favour of opening up our legal system and, for example, examining prospective judges in public. I think I still favour this but not if it leads to the system Gormley exposes. Maybe we Canadians kid ourselves when we assume that appointed judges are fair and impartial in spite of which government appointed them, but do we want a system where major decisions George W. Or, if not, seem to be?

see url Clinton, throughout, was concerned about the politics of judges, especially when the Senate hearing on the impeachment proceedings, was chaired by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, a doctrinaire Republican. In the event the chief justice, not being a judge but a chairman in these proceedings, displayed a strong sense of the history being made and the necessity that he should appear and he fair. What disturbed me even more is how the prosecution could and did use inducements and threats to witnesses for their cooperation.


Monica Lewinsky, especially, was victim of this prosecutorial rack upon which she was stretched every time it was thought she might waver. The number of lawyers on Kenneth Starr's team seemed countless and his use of "horses for courses" when saying which minion would perform which task, offended this old lawyer who practiced when "the Crown neither won nor lost" but put the Queen's case "thoroughly and fairly.

I was not only stunned by the numbers but the constant search for winning techniques. Starr was like the coach in the locker room chalking plays onto the blackboard. I got a very strong sense that if this was American criminal law procedure, thanks but no thanks.